Discover you spiritual gifts

Romans 12:6-8

1. Prophecy [preaching, inspired utterance]

2. Service [ministry]

3. Teaching

4. Exhortation [stimulating faith, encouraging]

5. Giving [contributing, generosity, sharing]

6. Leadership [authority, ruling]

7. Mercy [sympathy, comfort to the sorrowing, showing kindness]1 Cor 12:8-10, 28

8. Wisdom, [wise advice, wise speech]

9. Knowledge [studying, speaking with knowledge]

10. Faith11. Healing

12. Miracles [doing great deeds]

13. Discerning of spirits [discrimination in spiritual matters]

14. Tongues [speaking in languages never learned, ecstatic utterance]

15. Interpretation of tongues

16. Apostle

17. Helps

18. Administration [governments, getting others to work together] Eph 4:11

19. Evangelist

20. Pastor [caring for God’s people]

21. Celibacy [continence] 1 Cor 7:7

22. Voluntary poverty 1 Cor 13:3

23. Martyrdom 1 Cor 13:3

24. Missionary Eph 3:6-8

25. Hospitality 1 Peter 4:9

26. Intercession

27. Deliverance [exorcism, casting out demons]

28. Leading worship [music]

by C. Peter Wagner * I do not endorse Wagner, but I agree with his list.

  • Me
  • All Spiritual Gifts are given by the Holy Spirit to the Church as He sees where they are needed. When your saved you are given at least one of these gifts, but that doesn’t mean we are restricted to just one. For instance most people who have the gift of Pastor and usually also have the gift of teaching.
  • One last point about the office of Apostle, it has certain qualifications. Apostles have all the Spiritual Gifts and they had personal contact with Jesus. Like Paul the last apostle who after he was saved went to Arabia and studied there, and of course on the road to Damascus. That is the reason I think the office of Apostle is no longer valid.
  • But keep in mind that I don’t have the decision making power about it. So, as with all gifts, the Holy Spirit is the one who decides.
  • Modern Apostles?
  • How does God distribute spiritual gifts?”

“How does God distribute spiritual gifts?”



  1. Miraculous Gifts
  2. Enabling Gifts
  3. TEAM Gifts

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