There are many people giving their opinions about a certain aspects of the Christian walk. I was listening to a man spouting some nonsense that had very little to do with God’s word. At least in the way God means it.

Although he was using Scripture to make his plea for something, when I read the Scripture it turned out that he had used the verse to say something it didn’t mean, {and yes I know that is a shock}.That of course happens when we see people who call themselves teachers, pastors, evangelist, etc. But their agenda is different than what the Lord’s truth is.

If a person tells you to plant a seed for instance… many times in todays Church they are telling you something that is in exact opposite of what God wants from you. When He said I want to bless you, He didn’t say send me money to get my blessings. He said live as I would have you live, etc. Planting a seed in many ministries today is from the prosperity gospel, and has very little to do with God’s plan.

I came to this conclusion; if someone says something as if their speaking for God you should do two things.1. If they quote Scripture… Verify that it really says what their saying. You can’t just take a verse and make it doctrine, you have to verify it with the bible itself to make sure that verse means what the person is saying. It is easy enough to go to the verse and at least read the chapter it is in and see what the author is really saying.2. If a teacher is telling you something about you’re walk with Christ… Please verify that it agrees with Scripture!

If someone tells you about a subject and it contradicts Gods word and thy are bringing Leaven into the Church. Even a little twist brings corruption and eventually can grow. The most prominent idea associated with leaven is in connection with the corruption of God’s people or His Church. If I preach to you a gospel of prosperity then eventually people can accept that if you give a dollar amount. This is a tactic used by many false teachers.

Discernment is the process of making careful distinctions in our thinking about truth. In other words, the ability to think with discernment is synonymous with an ability to think biblically. God will never tell you something that contradicts whats in His word. A little leaven will infect the whole batch of dough. The same is true in the church, a little twist of scripture can open the door for more false teaching.

Sola Fidei Regula

“The bible is the only authoritative voice of God”

In essence if someone tells you something that goes against the Word of God That person is a liar. So no matter how good it sounds, make sure it is in His Word.

Again: Remember The Holy Spirit will not tell someone something that He hasn’t already said. And He certainly won’t contradict Himself.

I usually run when I hear someone say “God told me” This makes it hard to question because that person brings God into it and then you have to be careful about ‘challenging God’. And believe it or not most people who say that are counting on it. You don’t have to say “God told” me because if it agrees with Scripture, it’s already in there!

I have said this many times Discernment is a precious gift from God.

Discernment is given through prayer and study. You may have the gift, but you must do it God’s way. Or else your just fooling yourself. It is given to His Church for a reason… we have been warned from the very beginning that false teachers and pastors would be in amongst us.If a person starts to bring other teachings into the Christian doctrine we must be aware of it. If a Christian teacher tells you that God has opened a new way and that you can have a closer walk with Him, if you let your spirit guide you, that person weather knowing it or not is opening the way for Hindu teaching in the church. Spirit guides, as their called are known in the bible as Familiar Spirits. They in essence are demons.

Demons have one agenda…it is to bring strange things into the church so that it will fail. Then we have a lot of people happy in their destruction thinking they are pleasing God. When in essence they are doing something God hates.

If you fall for all this stuff your putting yourself and anyone you bring along into grave danger.

Please get a commentary and first and foremost pray. You need to arm yourselves against destructive teachings.

God bless, Dan Beliveau

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