Videos to look at

I am sharing these links because I think the information will help you to be better informed. Satan has many tricks and we need to be awakened to what is going on. You probably can’t watch them all at once. * But it’s worth the time. Thank you and God bless.

Prophetic warning from Paul Washer? *

Nabeel Qureshi // Why I stopped believing Islam is a religion of peace

What happens to Unbelievers when they die *

Walter Martin’s Last Time on TBN *

Ilhan Omar Is an Islamophobe! *

All Children and Babies go to Heaven *

The Church is WRONG about Gay Marriage? *

Steve Lawson OBLITERATES Joel Osteen *

Murdered and Burned for Blasphemy: *

Justin Peters on Kenneth Copeland’s lies. *

Holy Scam or Miracle? The Faith Healing Industry *

Kundalini – The False Holy Spirit in Churches *

Bethel Church Openly Practicing Islamic Mysticism *

Notre Dame Airs Anti-Christ Commercial During Georgia Game *

An article * The Puzzling Claim That Abortion Is Safer Than Childbirth *

Who Is Karl Marx? *

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