Is there a difference between the Christian God and Allah?

By Rick Whalston, Ph.D
From his coffee talk series of articles

“Is the number 3 the same thing as the number 1?

If an object has three elemental components and another object has only one elemental component, who would think that the two items were the same? Yet, when people talk of God, they somehow think that they can leave these most basic elements of logic behind. The problem is that when one leaves logic behind, one can make anything out of (or into) anything.

Following logic and chemistry let us use “formula labels” for the two Gods of Christianity and Islam; this will help us see how they differ.

Discerning the Constructs: D1P3 and D1P1

D1P3 = the Christian God

D1P1 = the Islamic God

D1P3: The Christian God is D1P3.

D1 stands for the fact that God is One Substance. He is divine (or divinity). So, the Christian God has only one substance. The Christian God is also P3. P3 stands for the fact that God consists of (i.e., construct) Three Persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Thus, the Christian God is (D1P3) One Substance (essential element) + Three Persons (construct).

D1P1: The Islamic God is D1P1.

D1 stands for the fact that God is One Substance. He is divine (or divinity). So, the Islamic God has only one substance. The Islamic God is P1. P1 stands for the fact that the Islamic God consists of only One Person. Thus, the Islamic God is (D1P1) One Substance (essential element) + One Person (construct).

The difference between D1P3 and D1P1 is obvious and easily discerned.

These two “Gods” are no more the same as are H2O (water) and H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide), which also have the same essential element but differ only in construct.”

From Way of the Master:

“Pray about where you should fellowship. Make sure the place you are going to call your church home calls sin what it is — sin. Do they believe the promises of God? Are they loving? Does the pastor treat his wife with respect? Is he a man of the Word? Does he have a humble heart, and a gentle spirit?” [also]

Good according to God’s standards = Moral perfection in thought, word and deeds.

My Conclusion:

Anyone who follows their own way instead of God’s, has a fool for a leader.

If your going to claim the mantle of Pastor/Teacher/Evangelist or whatever else. You must not stray from the truth of His word. If anyone brings other teachings into the Church, they must be exposed as apostates. If anyone listens to these people and buys into alternative teaching like Contemplative Prayer {Spirituality} or any New Age teaching.

IT MEANS YOU DON”T HAVE THE GIFT OF DISCERNMENT. Instead of being offended read the Bible and compare it to what these people are saying. The Lord Jesus Christ will judge everyone… are you prepared to follow Him in truth? I give these warnings because I care what happens.

God’s peace, Dan

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