Is God a Moral Monster?

I have seen many times where someone says: There can’t be a loving God if He allows suffering. Or how can God let this or that happen. My child was innocent, why is she gone? A tornado, hurricane, murder or any other kind of situation that could ever cause destruction of some kind. Or the scapegoat response: There is no God, nothing created everything.

This is a very short post because the answer is easy. {I borrowed the title}.

Adam was created perfect in a perfect world. God made it so they would want for nothing. The truth is Adam broke the covenant he had with God. When he did sin entered into our world. Which included man and creation.

Since then everyone is born with a sin nature. Which means we are inclined to do horrible things sometimes. This also includes nature. The issue is that blaming God isn’t a valid response. No it doesn’t mean people just do evil. We know of or know people who live with love. This is not about attacking anyone.

God is Perfect and because of what that means is He can not have sin in His presence. But because of His love for man He has provided a path to Him. If you want to know more or your struggling please look at the the Salvation link *

God bless, Dan Beliveau

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