Messianic Rabbi Moshe Gilboa Laurie, 76 – 1944- 2020

Rabbi Laurie was a friend and mentor. His story!

Obituary: Messianic Rabbi Moshe Gilboa Laurie, 76, passed into eternal life into the arms of his heavenly Father and Jewish Messiah on Monday, November 16, 2020. He had been a resident of Memphis, TN, for less than a week when he died suddenly, although he had suffered from vascular dementia for several years.

He was born Morris Gilbert Laurie on March 23, 1944, in Brooklyn, NY, to Max and Dotty (Bohrer) Laurie. (Called Gil, he later legally changed his name to his Hebrew name.) Having learned of the persecution of his Jewish people, at the age of nine he resolved to become a warrior of David. A champion fencer in high school, he joined the U.S. Marine Corps and was an excellent marksman. He served Israeli intelligence and then moved to Israel, serving in the National Police and in the IDF as Assistant Commander of the Sniper School. He was the first breeder of Saint Bernard dogs in Israel. If he had been a dog, he would have been a Saint Bernard: massive, strong, friendly and loving.

In 1982, in Las Cruces, NM, God spoke to him audibly “You can serve the Father through me, for I have come in his stead,” and he knew that Jesus was the Messiah. Sid Roth covered his testimony on Christian television on “It’s Supernatural.” “The Coral Ridge Hour” also featured him. Both programs may be viewed on the Internet. In 1998 he was called to Groton, CT, and established Congregation Shofar Be Tzion, a Messianic Jewish Congregation. It was in Groton that he married Dr. Martha Schulz Hendrick on February 23, 2002. She was his “Bride,” his constant companion and later his caregiver. He ministered both nationally and internationally. His TV program, “Spiritual Warfare,” was sponsored and produced by TCT Christian Television; it gained a large following both nationally and internationally. The Holy Spirit prompted them to move to Marion, IL, in 2007, and inspired by their time ministering in Britain, they named their new home Beth Ariel. (House of the Lion of God) Shortly after they arrived, they discovered a Messianic Jewish Congregation, Congregation Adat Ariel, where Larry Mullinix had been praying for Rabbi Laurie to come to Marion. Rabbi Laurie’s teachings on Spiritual Warfare have been published in a book, “Joining God’s Army: Instructions from a Warrior of David.” He was ordained as a minister under Kingsway International Fellowship since 2002. After his show on TCT ended, he had a local radio program, “Truth in Life,” with his wife and Chuck and Debra Nelson. This transitioned to a weekly Livestream broadcast.

  • As my faith became stronger I wanted to go on the road and share the Gospel {sadly I never did}. Rabbi Laurie made me promise I would call him once a week to make sure I was ok. His wisdom was a gift from God. I truly miss my friend, but I will see him again.
  • God bless, Dan

Update: Sadly his site is offline and all that knowledge is missing.

Shofar Be Tzion Ministries

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