The Fall of Capitalism – The Rise of Islam

June 30, 2010
This is for all people who believe in the One True Living God through our Messiah Yeshua Jesus. This is for all people who believe that our country should stay free and be a faith-based Godly nation, indivisible under God with liberty and justice for all based upon the Constitution; desiring that it remain the republic that our forefathers sought.

I am now going to tell you something you need to listen to and act upon immediately. You all know that I rarely send these things out. As a matter of fact, you have let me know that I haven’t sent them out enough, so take this accordingly. I have warned you all time and time again, don’t focus just on the right hand, also watch what the left hand is doing.

In July 19, 2009, there was a conference on “The Fall of Capitalism -The Rise of Islam.” We all screamed about it and forced them to change their venue. The conclusion, which I had told you all, was that they don’t need to take any action at this time until America itself continues to shred and/or destroy the Constitution of the United States. Well, they are holding a conference now on July 11, 10 at the Chicago Marriott Oak Brook.

Ask them why they are allowing the meeting of an organization that is dedicated to the destruction of the United States of America as we know it. Let them know that if they allow this to go on, we will all reconsider ever staying in a Marriott again. Just so you know, I am a Marriott member but will not hesitate to refuse to ever stay with them again if this conference happens.

Now what is the name of this conference? It is “Khilafah Conference USA 2010 – Emerging World Order”. Their goal is to create the Khilafah and they say in their advertisement, ( ), it’s the “Global campaign for Khilafah”. Just in case you’ve forgotten, Khilafah is the action word for Caliphate, which is the world Islamic government, and they appoint a Khilief to every area, which is the dictator that they call “the benevolent representative of Muhammad. They’re talking about how the Khilafah will shape the world and this is being put on by Hizb ut–Tahrir, which in English is the Party of Liberation. It was “founded in 1953 in Jerusalem by a man from the Palestinian village of Ijzim. It has spread to more than 40 countries and has one million members plus. They believe in a world caliphate, an Islamic State,” establishment of Shariah law over all, “and to carry the Da’wah of Islam (what they believe is the good stuff, including the death) to the world. It is strongly anti – Zionist (and anti–Semitic) and calls for the destruction of the (as they say) “illegal entity of Israel”

They now believe that they are ready to begin moving on the United States. If you will watch their commercial, you will know. Now, why am I sending this out as alert, alert, alert? You need to stop everything else almost, unless the Lord tells you not to, and go to your Congressmen, and Senators. Even more important than those sold out people, you must go to anybody who has any kind of contacts. Also, send the warning to your radio and television announcers, Glenn Beck, … any and all of them. You must alert them to what’s going on.

The Islamic movement in America now believes that they may begin their open domination of the financial, political, and physical structure of the United States to assist in collapsing it. The Muslims also believe that they may use the Socialist and Communist movement to their ends which they have done before. Then, as soon they get in control, they kill all the Communists, so they have no problem about working with them. They will work with anybody that is necessary.

I would like you to take action. Call everybody, email everybody, and pass this email on. If people poo poo this, remind them that I have been calling this call to be alert to this very event consistently for eighteen years or more. I warned you all on my television show that we need to be alert to stop them for five and a half years. Also saying how they’re coming to get us and attempting to destroy us from within unless we prevented it by faith, through God, with action, and standing on the Truth of the Word and of the freedoms that comes from the Word. Pass this email on to everybody that you know.

I would like to remind everybody that the very foundational instruction of war in the Koran is if you face superior strength, retreat until you’re strong enough. If you have superior strength, come out in the open and be bold in the name of Allah and this is why this event is so dangerous. Within 48 hours, this will be up on the website as an audio so that you may listen to the Rabbi’s warning. May the Lord bless you and give you strength. This is the time to act in boldness.

May the Lord bless you all and keep you, may He turn His Countenance to you, and may He bring you peace and strength in this great and terrible day.

Bless you all,
In service to The King,
Rabbi Moshe Laurie

I am sharing this because it’s still very relevant. I truly believe Islam will be a big part of the Anti Christ army.

Khilafah Conference USA 2010 – EMERGING WORLD ORDER _ Hizb ut-Tahrir America *

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