Lost Innocence

I watched a little bit of a children’s program. The theme was about violence and all the other horrible things being done in the world today.

They had children put on a skit about a child that had been killed in a drive by shooting. And how much pain it caused in so many lives. How there didn’t seem to be an answer for the state of the world. Always asking why, and proclaiming how we needed to change things.

They spent time giving answers as to why these things happen; education, poverty and many other reasons. What a wonderful world this would be if we could just get along. If we taught our children love for their fellow man. All the answers sounded very good. I was really impressed with the logic used, except for the facts.

First we have kicked God out of our schools, prayer is considered a waste of time or a violation of someone else’s rights. Respect for elders or society in general is considered stupid. I have rights to do what I want. IE follow Satan, have sexual education at 5, disrespect teachers because after all I’m the only one who is important.

Laugh at anyone who teaches that morals are a good thing. Look at how many of the actors and Liberals in Hollywood produce material that shows us not to have respect for our country because we are just trying to take over the world. Or many of our very own elected officials ignore the Constitution on a daily basis, and judges who legislate from the bench, instead of following the law.

There is so much more to this that it would take a week to list it all. But I do have an answer.

The people in this nation who really just talk about God and having respect for Him are just in reality just pushing Him away. This is so prevalent that it’s rotting our nation from the inside. We were at one time a Christian based nation, but the truth is that Jesus is not so important any longer. And yes I know that their are many great Christians here. But that is not the issue.

We have done our best to outlaw the 10 commandments, to kick God out of everywhere including many Christian Churches. To spit in the face of morality that when our children ask why are all these bad things happening we can’t answer them, because nobody knows what sin is anymore. If you make everything legal, nothing is sacred!

America we had better get back to the roots of what this country was founded on or we are not going to be here much longer. God’s judgment is coming and the only thing that might save us is falling on our face before the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob and asking for His mercy.

If you continue to give your children over to false god’s you will suffer the same fate as Israel did in the past. America has been moving away from God because some people along the way have convinced others that there was a better way.

President Kennedy worked to put men on the moon. President Obama worked to put men in girls bathrooms. And President Biden is working to put us into Socialism. One out of 3 is not a great record.

Dan Beliveau

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