What now?

I am writing this because I realize that many people including myself when they first become Christians can be very unsure of what now? Lets take a look at where we might stand.

One day we hear a calling from a preacher, evangelist or whatever way the Holy Spirit calls us and we receive Christ Jesus as our savior. These are some possible ways we relate to God. It can be very easy to take a few different paths.

We can come to the Lord then change nothing. Just saying a prayer or your a Christian and then living a worldly life, gains you nothing but a false claim. Many times people will “accept Christ” because they want to please someone else, or many number of reasons a person could take this path.

A person comes to the Lord and attends Church every time it’s open. Listening to what the preacher says and learns only from the sermons, and maybe some Bible classes. But not really doing much self study. This can mean a limited knowledge of the Scripture.

Doing a lot of study and can quote Scripture with ease. But not really understanding what God was revealing to them. Sometimes it’s very easy to convince yourself you know it all. Many times it’s because the Holy Spirit isn’t the guide they have.

I have seen far too many people who follow after false prophets, preachers or teachers. A person who says God told them something and you dare not question them. Or the “Prophet” who has another way, like Joseph Smith. Maybe the man from Miami, Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda.

Sadly there are many ways in which we don’t have a true relationship with Jesus.

We are saved by grace, not by our works. What God is saying is that there is nothing you could do on your own to earn Salvation. We are born in sin and because of that we do whatever we can to rebel against God. The biggest one is rejecting Jesus.

But if we do come to Jesus we are given the gift of the Holy Spirit. Yes God loves us so much He becomes one with our soul. The next step is to find the path God has for us. Each person has a path that fulfills God’s plan for us.

Read the Bible {His Word}. Pray! This is one of the most important things you do. Get a Bible Commentary and study it as you read His book. There is so much correct information available. Matthew Henry’s Bible Commentary is free online if you need it. There are plainer versions available if his doesn’t work for you.

“Christianity is a Relationship between God and man based on the life, death, and resurrection of His Son Jesus Christ.” Dr. Elmer L. Towns

Open your heart. God is there and wants a relationship with you. His love is so great, He took your sins on that cross. Verify what your told with Scripture. If a person tells you God will make you rich, your life will be perfect, etc. The prosperity gospel is not from God. Remember we all live in this same world and He never promised we wouldn’t have trials.

I’m not saying miracles don’t happen. Our God shows mercy and many times His grace has done wonderous things. In my own life God has shown me His love and compassion. Just one example: In 2011 we had notice of a tornado, and it got close to my house, lifted up, then came down about two blocks later. I prayed and deserved nothing but it happened. Farther away a women and her child were hurt by it when their house collapsed on them. I am in no way claiming to be a “prophet”, or an “apostle”, etc. God alone is the one who decides what happens, such as blessings, tribulation or when our time is done in this world.

Please understand that we belong to a great God. He is three in One, Father Son and Holy Spirit, an undivided Trinity, If you have one you have all. You must be willing to strive for that relationship. God has held out His hand to you, but He must come first. Any personal delusions of grandeur or holding on to an Inanimate object as your object of worship. Idols, imagined or real must be given up. We can not pray to a statue or a dead saint and expect to be heard. Our hearts can be fleeting, but you can learn to control it.

Remember our reward is not of this world. We gain nothing from our works but, our heart should be to show love and compassion. Far too many people have hardened hearts. Sadly things in life can hurt us deeply, and then make the choice to cut ourselves off from feeling. We should strive to be the light God called us to be. Ephesians 4: 31 Let all bitterness, wrath, anger, clamor, and evil speaking be put away from you, with all malice. 32 And be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God in Christ forgave you.

God’s peace, Dan Beliveau

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