Wake up!

Our time is short.

We are coming to a point in the life of the Church where I believe persecution will grow. Not that we will be put to death. Although it is happening in some places. The Anti Christ system is growing more and more. Sadly the world is turning further into a path of destruction.

As we come closer to what the book of Revelation tells us is coming. We have to work to be closer to Jesus. Being aware that the Anti Christ and False Prophet are going to take over. Anyone who rejects their system will be persecuted and many may die.

I am a strong believer in the pretribulation Rapture, {article on this site} but if I am wrong about the timing we must be steadfast in our commitment to Christ.

I saw truck drivers in Canada being treated as if they’re the worst criminals anywhere. Talk of fines of $100.000 dollars. Peaceful protestors being beaten and arrested. All the money that was donated has been confiscated and the Canadian government going after donators. Then President Biden and the Michigan Governor offered to help remove them. All because they want to decide for themselves about their bodies. The Canadian government has basically treated their own people as if their nothing…

President Biden has opened our southern border, and it’s an all out invasion. The government is breaking the law without any control over who comes into the U.S. and often letting them go where they wish. In many cases giving them money for just being here. Also providing housing and the American people are paying for it. Taking an oath to the Constitution means nothing. It’s an act of treason.

Lets look at what is happening in China. Millions of people put in “reeducation camps” and forced to work as slave laborers. Technology used to spy on all the citizens of their country. Russia using brute force to control people. At this time we see them invade Ukraine and not enough being done to stop it. The Venezuelan nation going from a very wealthy free country, to becoming another Socialist State. Poverty is so bad many dig in dumpsters to eat.

What this shows is that people can so easily be controlled. All in the name of some misguided security. What I believe is that we are seeing how the New World Order is coming and the Anti Christ will have almost total control.

As we look at the signs of the times. Men and women following after their lusts and rejecting God and His Word. We have already been warned of the times we are in, and the consequences of our rebellion.

Yes the Book of Revelation shows us all that will take place. Yes I know I’m repeating myself about the things taking place. But we all need to be forewarned to what is coming. . What we need to keep in mind is that God has shown us in advance and no matter what happens the Holy Spirit is always with us. You must stay strong in Christ, His love will never fade. Continue to share His message and know what your future holds.

America’s Suicide * https://fb.watch/bnmTCaIQyt/

Remember Steven the first martyr and how he did not hold his stoning against the people who did it.

God’s peace, Dan Beliveau

If you haven’t accepted Jesus as your savior * https://thelordsroom.org/2022/04/04/salvation-a-choice/

The Voice of the Martyrs – USA

Pray for Christians in China: Hundreds of churches have been forced to close, pastors and church members have been arrested or detained, and the online sale of Bibles has been prohibited. A campaign to remove crosses from churches continues in one province. The government has installed more than 170 million facial recognition cameras, many in or near churches, in an effort to identify those who attend worship services.  #prayforchina2022

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