Contact from beyond

This is about a subject that many people may or may not be familiar with. My purpose is not to insult or make anyone feel like I’m putting them down. This is about something many people don’t know about or just ignore.

There are many times when a loved one passes away we can get a message from God or them. The person may appear to us, or through a medium. What I’m going to share is some answers for these things.

First: Once in a great while a valid message will come to us. In that case the Holy Spirit is giving us some message to help brace us for what has happened. Be aware that will not be an ongoing thing.

Second: There are times when our dead relative or a very close friend will come to us in visions or in person. In those times we can seem to find great peace. The “person” will know things not really public, and have comforting words and answers.

What happens in the the 2nd scenario is a vision or dream where “holy” beings bring us messages. Another thing can be the “loved one” or a being shows up to speak with us. I know of one person who’s twin sister died. Her sister would show up in the closet and speak to her.

Ecclesiastes 9:5 For the living know that they will die;
But the dead know nothing, And they have no more reward,
For the memory of them is forgotten. * This doesn’t mean the dead have no knowledge of their environment, but it means is when we die we have no earthly knowledge of people or things. There is no sorrow or tears with the Lord, and hell is a place of reflection of our time on earth {see my article on hell}.

If someone comes to you in a dream, in person or through a Medium, a psychic, etc. Your being contacted by a Familiar Spirit or Fallen Angel. Satan uses this way to come across at first as understanding. This can be wonderful because we miss them so much. Sadly it can be very easy to accept. Because when we’re hurting so much getting away from the pain is what we want the most.,

Sooner or later the messages can start changing and become more controlling, which is ok because it’s “mom”, etc who is telling us these things and that is ok because they have moved on and would know the “truth”.

Something else that can happen is, people will think they hear or see ghosts. Usually it’s noises or things moving and can be very alarming. One thing people will believe that because someone died there, it’s haunted. Again the dead have no contact with us and actual ghosts don’t exist.

The whole purpose of this article is to warn everyone that Satan hates humans and his purpose is to bring many to damnation with him. He is very cunning and knows not only Scripture better than any human. He also is really good at twisting anything. He will use whatever trick he can to deceive us.

First thing we must always do is read the Bible and learn God’s word. We must pray and ask for discernment and strength. God loves us but He wants us to come to Him. The Holy Spirit is always here, but we have freedom of choice.

If these things happen, the only valid response is very simple. Cleary say “In the Name of Jesus begone”. Demons can’t fight against His name.

Bless you in the name of the Holy Undivided Trinity, Dan Beliveau


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    Great Website, well done!


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