May I plead with you

I have been thinking about this for awhile. I’m going to share a little of my background. I was born in North Dakota in 1954. My father was in the Navy before Pearl Harbor. His ship the USS Marblehead was almost sunk. He was wounded but stayed on it for the voyage back to the US. He died in a car accident in 1955. I was 8 months old, but I have a lot of information about him.

Because of my health I’m not sure how much time I have left. The purpose of this post is my hope that what I share might help others find their way.

I could spend a lot of time going over what happened to me growing up. But that is not the real purpose of writing this.

I was raised in the Catholic Church as a kid. It was an on and off relationship. Including being ordained when I was very young {16, not valid}. For some time I did very little in that area. I went back and forth until I joined a Southern Baptist Church. I went through a lot of religious changes. Including waking up one Sunday in April in Ohio and knowing from the Holy Spirit I had to be baptized that day. No I didn’t hear His voice or see Him, I just knew it. I looked and found a Church of God in a small town and the Pastor agreed and baptized me in a river after the service. His last name was Angel {ironic}.

Since then I have read the Bible more times than I can count. I also have a degree in Biblical Studies, I count that as a blessing to know His Word, not to brag about. I have been an adult Bible teacher, but because of my health I don’t go anywhere much. I am in a wheelchair and my heart works at 30%. Now I spend my time trying to reach people for the Lord. Both with this site and on a Christian Facebook Group I belong to.

I have come to know with my total being that the only acceptable path is to surrender to Jesus. We must repent and ask for forgiveness. When we repent it doesn’t mean what we have done in our past has gone away. It means God has forgiven you and your sin is covered by the blood of Jesus. Please see the Salvation link, if you don’t know Jesus then your missing out on the purest peace your spirit will ever know. No matter how wonderful your path may seem right now, without Jesus it will end in damnation!

God bless you, Dan Beliveau

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