Years ago I owned and operated about 4 Traffic Exchanges.

Basically a Traffic Exchange is a place where in exchange for looking at other peoples pages you can have your site shown in return.

Anyway I was on a different site and they had a chat room, which means while looking at sites you can also chat with other people at the same time. It is another way to promote your business and or make friends.

Anyway this one man was having a conversation with a women [one of the admins on that site], and he used the f-word in the conversation.

I told him I didn’t think it was necessary to be vulgar to carry on a conversation. That it wasn’t the right place to be doing that. It took me saying it a few times before he responded with excuses about being on drugs and drinking too much.

Well, I can understand that some people don’t know how to behave, but what I didn’t understand was all the people who came to his defense. Our society has gotten to the point that not only is it acceptable to speak to women that way, but it is even better if you make excuses for these people [everyone is a victim].

Another man informed me I should accept the first ones half hearted apology and move on. I sent him a private message telling him it wasn’t his place to tell me I had to accept anything, and that apeasing Satan only makes him stronger.

Here’s the reason for this post, not only did I have an obligation to speak up, but it occurred to me that many people in society today are just too willing to stick their heads in the sand and ignore everything.

I wonder how God will feel about that attitude? Does He want us to just shut our eyes and just cheerfully move on as the other man suggested I do?


Does He want us to stand up for whats righteous. I know that many would just ignore the situation and say it’s not their fight, but you have to remember the church did that when the Supreme Court said it was legal to kill babies in 1973, and now there are over 60.000.000 dead babies.

Something to think about.

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