Where God stands with Homosexuality

Where God stands with Homosexuality

Since this is such a sensitive issue lets take a deep breath. This post is not an attack on anyone.

It’s one group saying God hates this and another your haters and God loves everyone. And yet another group not taking a side and standing in the middle. We all want it to be our way and that is where it has become a problem.

In Biblical times a homosexual was put to death, In Islam many still are killed because that is what their religion demands. In God’s word it says it’s an abomination and that is just one reason why people reject Him because they refuse to go against a loved one or a friend, etc. Today for the most part people aren’t physically attacked and some are even considered hero’s for “coming out”. This post is not about advocating harm or hatred, but making sure you know where God stands.

I am going to take a biblical stand on this, but not like some would think.1st we don’t kill people and our laws have changed in regards to the situation… But lets look at what the Lord says, He has given mankind many examples of why we shouldn’t do certain things, and generally these things are because He knows they separate us from Him. You can say I will commit adultery it’s nobody’s business but mine. Or just a little lie it won’t hurt. You can say it’s really normal and I can show you many pieces of evidence that backs that up. But it still goes back to what separates us from God. We are given information in His Word about how to respond to Him. What He expects and the knowledge that sin is anything that separates us from Him.

In today’s society many things have become acceptable and many people don’t think twice about it. They go on with their lives and ignore whatever they refuse to look at. This subject also refers to all of the LBQT and “Pride” subject as well. But the problem is that one day every person will stand before Jesus and give an accounting for our choices. You can reject whatever you wish, it will make no difference. Because God is the only true authority!

There are groups like Westboro Baptist Church that go around being very hateful and attacking everyone, without understanding that we are to love everyone, not by ignoring what is done, but in love just trying to warn others and point out the biblical answer. If you think your supposed to scream or even act out violence against others, then you have no understanding of what Jesus wants us to do.

This is not about hating anyone or trying to shame people. Please understand that even if you believe you’re correct and others are telling you that everything is ok, this post is really about how God tells us what He accepts and what He won’t. The verses haven’t changed to this day, nor will they. It’s not just the homosexual, it’s anyone who insists on being apart from God. And in the end do you come to God on His terms or yours? Because if it’s yours then your outside of God’s will.1 Corinthians 6:9 Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites, 10 nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God. As you can see it’s not just one group that needs to be warned.

If your offended I am sorry but this is not about attacking anyone. But if your afraid to look at the truth, maybe you need to be offended. ‘My heart is for the unsaved, and that is why I have to tell the truth. Nobody can make a person not have certain feelings but acting on them is another story.  It really comes down to weather you follow God or yourself.

”Verses to look at: Leviticus 18:22, 20:13, 1 Corinthians 6:9–10; 1 Timothy 1:10, Romans 1:26–27. David Wilkerson gave this prophetic warning about the little changes that can slowly drag Christians away. The last days. https://youtu.be/TPdTxSNcC5Y

Having emotions like looking at the same sex or being attracted to a person are not abnormal things per say, it comes down to weather you act on them or not. But remember what Jesus said about if you look with lust.

Lauren Daigle Doesn’t Know If Homosexuality Is A Sin? * https://youtu.be/9sYdcBW2vxo

The final part of this is very simple. We are all sinners and that means nobody is better than the next person. But to be able to be with God we must be born again.

God bless, Dan Beliveau

The Law


There are some people who have come to believe that if they don’t get back to their Jewish roots they miss the boat. Of course I am talking about those who aren’t Jewish. But people who want to get back to the law and make sure that it’s the only way to salvation.

I was in a chat room and the conversation went on for a good period of time and I was given verses that showed how the law had to be followed to be in the will of God. I explained that we were not to push the Law aside because Jesus said He came to fulfill the Law not change it.

That did no good because apparently I still missed the point. And the Law was given as the only answer. My response was very simple. Jesus came and paid the price on the cross because we are incapable of being good enough to satisfy the Law. It was only through Him that we are able to receive God’s grace.

Conclusion: my comments were deleted because of my answer. I was not aware that some who came to Yeshua could hate Jesus. Really blew my mind. Considering that Jesus is Yeshua.

Here’s what this is all about If you think your going to make “points” with God because you all of a sudden become legalistic then you have missed the reason Jesus came in the first place. If you think you can be good enough to get to heaven you don’t understand that if it were true… Jesus wouldn’t have had to die on the cross for you.

Pure and simple fact your a sinner just like everyone else, you are condemned because you were born in sin. You can’t fix that by yourself, you must go through Jesus alone. John 14:6 Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.

Many people try to twist that or change it and allow for any other means, but the truth is their liars and if you follow their lead, it will lead you directly into damnation.

God bless, Dan Beliveau

“O you legalists who are looking to yourselves for some arguments with which to prevail with God! O you who look to your sacraments, to your outward forms, to your pious deeds and your almsgiving for something that will move the heart of God–know this, that these things are no lever that can ever move Him to love! Nothing but your sin and misery can ever stir His mercy! And you look to the wrong place when you look to your merits to find a plea why he should show pity upon you!” Charles Spurgeon

The essentials of the Christian faith:

1. The deity of Christ

2. Man is sinful and in need of salvation

3. Salvation is by God’s grace through faith and not by works

4. Salvation is through Jesus Christ alone

5. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

6. God is one and exists in 3 Persons; The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit

7. The Authority of the Scriptures as the word of God * ‘copied’



The Goddess Columbia warrior goddess. Liberty has existed in many cultures, including classical examples dating from the Roman Empire to those representing national symbols such as the American Columbia and its Statue of Liberty, All of it started in Babylon and is one of the many names used to worship Semiramis who was Nimrods wife and eventually known as the Queen of Heaven.

In Egypt, as the “queen of heaven” she was the greatest and most worshiped of all the divinities. During Egyptian bondage, the Israelites repeatedly departed from the one true invisible Elohim and worshiped the pagan mother. When the Israelites fell into apostasy under King Solomon, they worshiped this mother goddess as Ashtaroth (Asherah), a name by which the pagan Babylonian goddess was known to the Israelites:

Legend has it that after Semiramis died, she ascended into heaven and was returned to earth inside a large egg which fell into the Euphrates river. The egg was pushed ashore by a dove and she emerged from the egg as Astarte or Ishtar (in English, Easter). To show her gratitude to the dove, she turned it into an egg-laying rabbit, all signs of fertility.

Another sign or symbol found throughout Babylonia is the obelisk, a phallic symbol. These can also be seen in Egypt, Rome and Washington DC. The obelisk in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican was dragged up to Rome from Egypt.

Roman and Greek names:

Goddess of Hunting & Childbirth

* Diana Artemis Goddess of Crafts, War & Wisdom

* Minerva Athena Goddess of Growing Things

* Ceres Demeter Symbol of the Fertile Earth

* Terra Gaea Protector of Marriage & Women

* Juno Hera Goddess of the Hearth

* Vesta Hestia Wife and Sister of Kronos

* Ops Rhea* Ishtar Goddess of Babylon

Nike in ancient Greek religion, was a goddess who personified victory, also known as the Winged Goddess of Victory. The Roman equivalent was Victoria. It’s extremely important for you to understand that no matter what her name is, she is still a false god.

Exodus 20 3 “You shall have no other gods before Me. 4 “You shall not make for yourself a carved image—any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth; 5 you shall not bow down to them nor serve them. For I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children to the third and fourth generations of those who hate Me, 6 but showing mercy to thousands, to those who love Me and keep My commandments.

God bless, Dan Beliveau

Discover you spiritual gifts

Discover you spiritual gifts

Romans 12:6-8

1. Prophecy [preaching, inspired utterance]

2. Service [ministry]

3. Teaching

4. Exhortation [stimulating faith, encouraging]

5. Giving [contributing, generosity, sharing]

6. Leadership [authority, ruling]

7. Mercy [sympathy, comfort to the sorrowing, showing kindness]1 Cor 12:8-10, 28

8. Wisdom, [wise advice, wise speech]

9. Knowledge [studying, speaking with knowledge]

10. Faith11. Healing

12. Miracles [doing great deeds]

13. Discerning of spirits [discrimination in spiritual matters]

14. Tongues [speaking in languages never learned, ecstatic utterance]

15. Interpretation of tongues

16. Apostle

17. Helps

18. Administration [governments, getting others to work together] Eph 4:11

19. Evangelist

20. Pastor [caring for God’s people]

21. Celibacy [continence] 1 Cor 7:7

22. Voluntary poverty 1 Cor 13:3

23. Martyrdom 1 Cor 13:3

24. Missionary Eph 3:6-8

25. Hospitality 1 Peter 4:9

26. Intercession

27. Deliverance [exorcism, casting out demons]

28. Leading worship [music]

by C. Peter Wagner * I do not endorse Wagner, but I agree with his list.

  • Me
  • All Spiritual Gifts are given by the Holy Spirit to the Church as He sees where they are needed. When your saved you are given at least one of these gifts, but that doesn’t mean we are restricted to just one. For instance most people who have the gift of Pastor and usually also have the gift of teaching.
  • One last point about the office of Apostle, it has certain qualifications. Apostles have all the Spiritual Gifts and they had personal contact with Jesus. Like Paul the last apostle who after he was saved went to Arabia and studied there, and of course on the road to Damascus. That is the reason I think the office of Apostle is no longer valid.
  • But keep in mind that I don’t have the decision making power about it. So, as with all gifts, the Holy Spirit is the one who decides.
  • Modern Apostles? https://youtu.be/vfeOkpiDbnU
  • How does God distribute spiritual gifts?”

“How does God distribute spiritual gifts?”   


From Chruch.org


  1. Miraculous Gifts
  2. Enabling Gifts
  3. TEAM Gifts